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Ritchie Rosson has been working as a professional entertainer across the world for 20 years; in circuses, bands (as a bass player), theatre, television, film and now as a magician and children’s entertainer. Ritchie started his performing career as a rock and roll bass player.  On tour, he got into yoga and became very flexible. He started showing the funny poses to astonished friends and they told him to go and join the circus. He did!  He travelled the world as a performing contortionist under the stage name Rubber Ritchie (see video below) appearing on many TV shows such as Richard and Judy, The One Show, and Britain’s Got Talent as well as having a part in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

PicMonkey Collage Magic Juniors Jan 2015

In his 30s, Ritchie could no longer maintain such extreme flexibility to be a contortionist so next ventured into the world of clowning but his mother protested due to her fear of clowns! He couldn’t stay upright on a unicycle but he found making balloon models really made people happy. He started dipping his toes into the wonderful world of magic and he began doing a few tricks with his balloons. This slowly developed into party entertaining. He has since begun to do bigger magic shows in shopping centres, schools and for corporate family fun days. Ritchie will soon be a bigger star than Jim Carey, Elton John or Michael Gove! Book him now while he’s affordable. 

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